Improv Shows

improv-1X-Files: Starring Dean Haglund

Each show, Dean recreates an X-Files episode onstage and on the spot, using audience participation and his unique brand of Improv comedy.

improv-2Hide & Q: Starring Dean Haglund & Denise Crosby

Join Q on his exciting new adventure to the alpha quadrant where he forces the Enterprise and her crew to abandon their rescue mission and partake in a deadly game. The major player Q decides to test is Tasha Yar, who is given Q’s Power and offered full membership in his continuum.

Will Tasha save Wesley and Worf from the hostile fanged animal soldiers? Will Geordi get his vision back? Will Data finally be human? What’s a girl to do with all that power? All these questions and more will be answered in this hilarious new improv adventure Hide and Q”.

improv-3Q vs Janeway: Starring Dean Haglund & Claudia Christian

On a quiet day on the bridge of the Voyager, Q beams Captain Janeway to the far ends of the galaxy to see if she is worth of commanding a starship, and be the mother of his love child! She is put through hilarious and death defying improvisational games to see of her wit is equal to her beauty. Q of course, likes to spread the fun around, and the two of them call upon audience members to add random suggestions to mix up these two classic star trek characters as you’ve never seen them!

improv-4Big Bad Buffy Improv Starring Dean Haglund & Clare Kramer