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  • Paul Amos ~ Credits include, Assassin’s Creed: SyndicateBastards, Captain Canuck, Sex After Kids, Lost Girl, Murdoch Mysteries, Combat Hospital, Warehouse 13, Aaron Stone, Casualty, Jacob’s Ladder
  • Rick Howland ~ Credits include, Lost Girl, Sanctuary, Billable Hours, Murdoch Mysteries,Tin Man, Good Cop, Bad Cop, Crazy for Christmas, Once A Thief
  • KC Collins ~ Credits Include: Saving Hope, Robocop Lost Girl, The Listener, Rookie Blue, Cra$h & Burn, Flashpoint, ZOS:Zone of Separation, Bulletproof Monk, Odyssey 5, Earth Final Conflict
  • Emmanuelle Vaugier ~ Credits Include, Mistresses, Saul-The Journey To Damascus, Lost Girl, Two and a half Men, Covert Affairs, CSI:New York, Supernatural, Pain Killer Jane, Saw 11, One Tree Hill, Andromeda, Veronica Mars, Smallville, Charmed
  • Zoie Palmer ~ Credits include, Dark MatterPatchtown, Lost Girl, Sex After Kids, The Listener, Flashpoint, Cold Blooded, Nikita, The Guard, Instant Star, The Reagan’s
  • Rachel Skarsten ~  Reign, Fifty Shades Of Grey, In My Dreams, Lost Girl, Beauty & The Beast, LA Complex, Virginia’s Run, The Vow, The Listener, Flashpoint, Birds of Prey, Transporter, The Awakening, Little Men
  • Kris Holden Ried ~ Credits Include, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Another You, Saul-The Journey To Damascus,Lost Girl, Sex After Kids, Underworld: The Awakening, De-Grassi, The Next Generation, The Tudors
  • Ksenia Solo ~ Credits Include, Orphan BlackTurnAnother You, Lost Girl, Nikita, Life Unexpected, Black Swan, Moonlight,, Cold Case, Mayday, Kojak, 1-800-Missing, Adventure Inc, My Louisiana Sky, Earth Final Conflict
  • fringe-strip2
  • Jasika Nicole ~ Credits include, Scandal, Fringe, She’s Out Of My League, Law & Order, Criminal Intent
  • Michael Cerveris- Credits include, Evita, Fringe, Treme, Person of Interest, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Mexican, CSI:Crime Scene Investigation, Quantum Leap, The Equalizer
  • John Noble ~ Credits include, ElementaryForever, Sleepy Hollow, The Devil’s Playground, The Good Wife, Fringe, Lord Of The Rings, Return Of The King, Running Scared, A Night With The King



Julian Richings ~  Orphan Black, Hellmouth, Bastards, Patch Town, Supernatural, Rookie Blue, Man of Steel, Cube, Wrong Turn, Hemlock Grove, Transporter: The Series, Republic of Doyle, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil



Credits Include ~ Pixels, A Christmas Horror Story, Defiance, Warehouse 13, Beauty and the Beast, Lost Girl, Kick-Ass 2, XIII: The Series, Flashpoint, Transporter The Series, Mutant X, Bulletproof Monk



  • Claudia Christian ~  The Mentalist, Castle, Criminal MindsProdigy BullyLook, Babylon 5, Hexed, The Hidden, Highlander, Nip Tuck, NYBD Blue, Freaks & Geeks, Atlantis, The Lost Empire, Half Past Dead



  • Matthew Bennett~ Credits include, Orphan Black, Stargate SG1, Cold Squad, Andromeda,  Total Recall 2070
  • Michael Welch ~ Credits include, Z Nation, Stargate SG1, Star Trek-Insurrection, Twilight, Twilight New Moon, Twilight Eclipse, Unrequited, Joan of Arcadia
  • Cliff Simon ~ Credits include, The Americans, 24, Stargate, Continuum, Stargate SG1, Nash Bridges, Egoli: Place of Gold
  • Bill Dow ~ Credits Include, Stargate Universe, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Reaper, Beyond Sherwood Forest, X-Files, The 4400, Divinci’s Inquest
  • John Noble ~ Credits include, Stargate SG1, Journeyman, 24, The Unit, The Lost World

Clare Kramer

  • Clare Kramer ~ Credits include, Big Ass Spider, The Dead Ones, Endure, Road To Hell, Grave Dancers, House, Bring It On & Buffy The Vampire Slayer

  • Tom Braidwood ~ Credits include, X-files, Lone Gunmen, Millennium, DaVinci’s Inquest
  • Bruce Harwood ~ Credits include, X-files, Lone Gunmen, Stargate SG1, Smallville, The Dead Zone, Andromeda, The Outer Limits
  • Dean Haglund ~ Credits include,  Bones, Rough Hustle, Atlantis Down, Asylum, Bones, Xfiles, Lone Gunmen

  • Andee Frizzell ~ Credits include, Stargate Atlantis, Flash Gordan, Supernatural, Devour, Andromeda, First Wave
  • Musetta Vander ~ Credits include, Stargate SG1, Startrek Voyager, Babylon 5. V.I.P., O Brother Where Art Thou, Kicking & Screaming, Transylmania, Frasier
  • Vanessa Angel ~ Credits include- Hall Pass, Stargate SG1, Weird Science, Kingpin, Spies Like Us, Saving Grace, The Division

  • Matthew Bennett ~  Orphan Black, The Listener, Battlestar Galactica. TV Miniseries, Battlestar Galactica, The Resistance, Battlestar Galactica, Razor, Battlestar Galactica, The Plan

  • Paris Jefferson~ Credits Include: Diamond of Jeru, Xena Warrior Princess, Highlander, Crown Prosecutor, Blink
  • Mussetta Vander ~ Credits Include: Xena Warrior Princess, Breaking Point, Napoleonic, She Spies, Frasier

Rachel Grant

  • Rachel Grant ~ Credits include-Host of the new Ripley’s Believe It or Not on the web, Die Another Day, The Tournament, Brotherhood of Blood

Artwork and Images by Gilles Nuytens